The Best Places for Vintage in London

The Best Places for Vintage in London

London has an absolute plethora of vintage clothing, but if you’re just visiting for the day or a weekend it can daunting to try and find the best of vintage that London has to offer. So here are our top three locations for vintage clothing in London.


Portobello road

By far our favourite place to find vintage clothing is Portobello road vintage clothing market. Located in the heart of Notting Hill, if you are after anything vintage this is the place. The closest tube station to the market is Ladbroke Grove station however getting the tube to Notting Hill station and walking down the street towards Ladbroke Grove is a lovely way to experience the whole area. We have our own stall at the market under the canopy where we bring new stock weekly and attend every Saturday and Sunday. For more information on this head to Visit Portobello.


Brick Lane

Brick lane market or as many people call it, the vintage mecca, is located on the opposite side of London in East. To get to this market you should get the tube to Liverpool Street and walk over. On the first floor you will find a maize of different foods from every culture imaginable. Across from there are a range of vintage clothing stalls and jewellery. But down the stairs is where the vintage magic really happens. If you can imagine it and its vintage then its down there. With hundreds of boutiques and stalls to choose from, you could pretty mucks spend all day down there. Visit Brick Lane Vintage Market for more information.


Charity Shops

As you can imagine London is littered with charity shops. On pretty much every street corner you’ll be able to find either a British Heart Foundation or an RSPCA filled with second hand beauties. If you’re lucky and you know where to look then you can find some sweet vintage pieces, from your favourite brands at a fraction the price. Plus you’ll always be giving to charity so its a win win for everyone.

September 16, 2022 — Zachariah King
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