Here at Lautoka we love all different brands and styles of vintage clothing, but we do have a few that are our favourites. We've put together a bit of info on some of these brands so you guys can learn exactly what you're buying and how rare it is.


Nike was founded in 1964 originally under the name 'Blue Ribbon Sports' by creators Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman. The word Nike originates from the name of the Greek Goddess of victory. Based in Oregon, USA this classic American sports brand is now one of the most sort after brands in the world as well as being one of our favourites.

We try and stock mainly 80's, 90's and early 00's Nike as these are the items that are going to have that classic, thick vintage feel as well as nicer, baggier fit. You can check the authenticity of an items age by checking which label is in the back of the neck.

80's NIKE Label


Here is an example of an early 80's Nike tag. With the exception of a few even older tags, this is one of the rarest tags you can find when it comes to Nike products due to it being anywhere from 30-40 years old!

90's NIKE Label 

The 90's Nike label that can be seen here with a white background, black font and red swoosh is anywhere between 20 and 30 years old and is a fairly rare find in vintage. This label also comes with other colour combinations including black background with a red swoosh.

00's NIKE Label

Finally here is an early 2000's Nike tag. Although fairly common these items are usually a really nice baggy fit and made with very high quality thick materials and are still 10-20 years old. This tag appears with a few variations of font and size etc but almost all 2000's labels will be a light grey/ silver colour.

Zachariah King