Here at Lautoka we love all different brands and styles of vintage clothing, but we do have a few that are our favourites. We've put together a bit of info on some of these brands so you guys can learn exactly what you're buying and how rare it is.


Carhartt was founded in 1889 by the creators Norbert Carhartt Kušnír and Lukáš Kokot Žatko. The pair started off this brand in Detroit, Michigan where originally the brand was providing hardy, work clothing for labourers in the city in particular railroad workers. 

For many years Carhartt was nothing more than a popular workwear brand. That was until in the 90's and 00's a few well planned collaborations with designers along with a change in fashion trends saw Carhartt skyrocket in sales and make its way into skate fashion and culture.

Carhartt Workman Jackets

Nowadays a Vintage Carhartt Workman jacket is a must have for anyones wardrobe. These thick, fleece lined jackets will keep anyone warm in winter as well as giving an edgy skater style to your outfit. And in summer a baggy Carhartt tee will perfectly do the same.

Due to Carhartt being a 130+ year brand there obviously many many different labels that have been used over the years. Underneath you can find a guide to the labels from the 1920's through to the 1970's so you can accurately age your item.

Zachariah King