Why Should I Buy Vintage Clothing?

Any consumer looking for new clothes should seriously consider to buy vintage, one of the main reasons is the impact of fast fashion has on the worlds environment, so deciding to buy vintage clothing instead of cheaper & poorly made new clothing is not only a step towards reducing our negative effects we are having on the environment but it is also reducing the amount of clothing that contributes to landfill! According to ClothingAid, around 350,000 tonnes of clothing go to waste each year in the UK alone. So if you see something you like in a vintage shop, thrift store, car boot sale or charity shop please don't hesitate to buy it as the quality is usually better and it helps in our fight to protect the environment.

What is Lautoka Vintage About?

We are a new, young, up and coming online vintage clothing store with a mission to provide as many people across the world with the best in vintage which we believe is true to our style and what we would wear in an attempt to provide a more caring and personal touch to every customer who decides to order from us.

Where Do You Get All Our Clothing?

We have multiple suppliers across the world, however this does not mean we have no control in what we receive. Our relationships with all our suppliers are very close and we control exactly what we get delivered to our warehouse. Whether that's from handpicking it ourselves or providing lists of exactly what type of vintage clothing we want, we've got all our customers covered.

Can I Change My Order?

Unfortunately we are unable to amend any orders. However, what we can do for you is provide a full refund for your previous order, and you can then make a repurchase of the vintage clothing you actually want. If your order hasn't been shipped, your order will be refunded straight away, however if it has we will have to wait until you return your previous order.

Can You Return Your Vintage Clothing Order?

Yes! We offer a 14 day grace period, you can read more on our return policy here

Do You Provide International Shipping?

Yes! We offer shipping worldwide and our pricing is very simple, free shipping on all UK orders, and free shipping on all international orders over £100 or £10 for any order below that value.