Here at Lautoka Vintage we pride ourselves in providing the ultimate selection of 80's, 90's and 00's vintage clothing from all of the brands you love. We stock a massive variety of products such as the vintage classics like oversized, 90's spellout Nike sweatshirts, Adidas Equipment sweatshirts and stunning Y2K style Hoodies such as GAP, POLO Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger. We stock styles and colour-ways such as colour block jumpers, pastel sweatshirts and puffers and cream, brown, baby blue vintage products.

Lautoka vintage all started from a few recent young graduates who hated their jobs, had a love for unique, one of a kind clothing pieces and all things vintage. Thrifting has always been a hobby of ours, we would trawl through charity shops looking for some affordable vintage gems because we couldn’t afford the brands that we loved to wear.  We finally agreed we hated our jobs and it was time for a change. So we started going to second hand clothing warehouses across the UK, personally selecting individual items that we both loved and was true to our own styles. Our supply of clothes started to get out of hand and was too big for our homes. It was time to find a place to store it and a way to dispatch our orders. HQ for Lautoka Vintage is now out of a converted container on a small farm in the south of England. The 40ft container is getting more and more full with all kinds of rare garments from our numerous different suppliers who personally select items for us based on our own and our growing customer bases' preferences.

We’ve grown massively in the past few months and are hopeful for this to continue. We’ve made massive progress in securing suppliers. This means we can provide a massive variety of very unique vintage pieces. We are also aware of the rising cost of all things vintage online and so we decided to do something about it and start providing beautiful vintage products at a price we truly believe is fair and affordable
The dream for Lautoka Vintage is to keep growing and one day be able to not only provide a worldwide, established, second hand clothing online service but also to open a vintage shop containing the same levels of quality stock for our customers to come and visit.