The Nike sweatshirt is an absolute staple in any vintage lovers wardrobe. Whether its crazy 1980's spellout or a subtle early 2000's nike essentials there is a vintage nike sweatshirt to fit anyone's style. Some of the highest quality, thick, spellout, vintage sweatshirts are from Nike and are highly sort after. Some of the oldest Nike sweatshirts from the 1980's are almost 40 years old now, meaning not only are do they look sick bu they are also a part of history too.

How Nike started

Nike was founded in 1964 originally under the name 'Blue Ribbon Sports' by creators Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman. At this time the company imported running trainers from Japan which they would then sell at various track running events.As time went on Gradually Phil Knight realised that he could set up his own brand, selling his own shoes and the brand Nike was born. The word Nike originates from the name of the Greek Goddess of victory. Based in Oregon, USA this classic American sports brand is now one of the biggest brands in the world as well as being one of our favourites.

Why Vintage Nike sweatshirts are so Popular

Vintage Nike sweatshirts are popular for many reasons. One of the main reasons being the high quality, thick, heavy cotton that is used. This kind of material is scarcely used in modern day clothing especially not in modern day Nike clothing.

Nike Sweatshirts and Vintage