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The Patagonia fleece is as iconic as they come, with over 50 years of history this garment is as good looking as it is practical. Coming in the waviest and craziest designs as well as subtle, natural tones these fleeces are a must have for any vintage lovers wardrobe.

Starting in the 70’s, Patagonia’s Yvon Chouinard loved the warmth of his favourite wooden sweater when out hiking but when it rained it became massively heavy and took ages to dry. This is where his initial idea for a quality, warm, water repellent material came from and thus the dream for Patagonia started. Through trial and error Patagonia eventually partnered up with what is now Polartec, to create the worlds first ever fleece sweater.


Patagonia soon realised that although ground-breaking, this material they had invented was not sustainable and now all outdoor pursuits brands were using it. So they set there sights on creating the material out of recycled plastic bottles, which in 1993 they managed, being the first in the world to do so. Although at the time this technology was still in its early stages so the only colour that could be created was ‘soda bottle green’, now one of there most popular colours.


The vintage Patagonia fleece is now one of the most rare and sort after garments in the game, with the rarest fetching up to $300, these being the fleeces from the 90’s with the crazy prints. Vintage Patagonia Synchilla fleeces are the most classic design of these with the 3/4 buttons on the front. Not only are these the most popular but most vintage Patagonia fanatics believe the modern made versions of these don't stand a chance up against the quality and design of the 90's fleeces.