Sustainability at Lautoka Vintage


Here at Lautoka Vintage being an environmentally sustainable business is extremely important to us. The Fast Fashion industry is destroying our planet at a staggering rate and causing massive landfills of used clothing that will be there for thousands of years.

Thats why we feel it is so important to find all used, second hand, vintage clothing a new home where the item can then be used and enjoyed for many more years to come.



In our first year alone we have stopped over 4000 items from going to landfill by finding them a new home.


The clothing we sell would otherwise have been thrown away and ended up in landfill, but by putting in some effort and care into making these items look good and then advertising them to our customers, we are able to give these items many, many more years of use to people who will genuinely love and cherish wearing them. This is otherwise known as circular fashion.



Giving new life to damaged items through Reworked Clothing


We do however occasionally receive items that are too damaged to sell. This is why we are currently working hard to set-up a reworked section of Lautoka where we will work alongside talented seamstresses to create other items out of the damaged clothing. So far we have successfully created bags, hats and beanbags out of damaged goods which again lengthens the life of that item of clothing and saves it from ending up in landfill once more.



We use 100% recyclable packaging


Away from the clothing side of things we also pride ourselves on our sustainable packaging. We only use 100% recyclable cardboard boxes to ship our items in, meaning that once our customers receive their item, they can easily recycle all the packaging and no more waste is created. Many vintage clothing companies boast they are sustainably minded however continue to use single use, un-recyclable plastic packaging that will be thrown away and take thousands of years to break down. It does cost us slightly more per package to continue using only cardboard boxes, however we believe this is a small sacrifice to make to ensure we are sustainable and doing our bit for the environment.