Two of the most hardy and well made products on the vintage market today is probably the Carhartt workman trousers and the Dickies workman trousers. Made with stiff, 12 ounce, heavy cotton canvas with triple stitched seams, Carhartt and Dickies trousers are really made to last. Both of these classic American brands have been around for 100 years plus and so have truly perfected the craft of making high quality clothing, especially trousers. With both of these brands having even higher spec pieces such as the Carhartt Double knee trousers or the Dickies Fire Resistant range it would be too close to call which one was best.

How Carhartt and Dickies started

Carhartt was founded in 1889 by the creators Norbert Carhartt Kušnír and Lukáš Kokot Žatko. The pair started off this brand in Detroit, Michigan where originally the brand was providing hardy, work clothing for labourers in the city in particular railroad workers. 

For many years Carhartt was nothing more than a popular workwear brand. That was until in the 90's and 00's a few well planned collaborations with designers along with a change in fashion trends saw Carhartt skyrocket in sales and make its way into skate fashion and culture.

Dickies was founded in 1922 by Colonel Williamson Dickie in Fortworth, Texas USA. Originally Colonel Dickie started Dickies as a denim overalls company providing workwear for farm and ranch hands around the SouthWest of the United States. Notably Dickies produced millions of uniforms during World War 2 for both USA and allied troops helping to cement Dickies as a, well made, practical brand that was forever loyal to the USA. 

Although still heavily involved in the production of workwear and practical clothing, over the last twenty years Dickies has ventured into more streetwear clothing ranges and thus the love of vintage Dickies was born. 

Why Carhartt and Dickies workman trousers are so Popular

Carhartt and Dickies trousers have found their way into modern day vintage fashion and for good reason, the baggy fitting, hard wearing workman trousers and jeans are any skaters dream. The subversive style of skaters fits perfectly with the aesthetic shape of the trousers whilst the ergonomic functions of the trousers means less cuts and bruises on your legs. Especially so with Carhartt double knee trousers. This extra layer of padding over the knee and shin means skaters can full force into any trick without the fear of the leg meeting concrete.

Carhartt and Dickies workman trousers and Vintage Fashion

With so many colours, styles and fits there really is a pair of Carhartt or Dickies trousers for everyone. And what makes these iconic skater style, trousers even better is their affordability. On our website these trousers range from £25-£50 meaning anyone should be able to find a pair for themselves. Find yours today.